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How EVA Software Solutions (EVA Pedio App) uses rider location information (Android)

You'll see a request prompted by your device for permission to share your location information when you sign up for EVA Pedio App, which includes location data collected via bluetooth and nearby wifi signals. As a default, for the best service available the app asks you to turn on location services "Allow only while using the app." We use location data to find your location and help them navigate to your pickup spot. We also use it to display start time , report time & completed history, to understand and resolve support tickets, to troubleshoot and solve software bugs for our clients

If you're using an Android device, you have 3 location settings to choose from:

- Allow all the time: We may collect location information at any time, even when you're not actively using the EVA Pedio app. If a service needs "Allow all the time" we'll ask for your permission when you enable the service.

- Allow only while using the app: We may collect location information when the app is visible on your screen. You'll get a notification in your Android notification panel if location is being collected in the background when you are in the "While using the app" setting.

- Deny: This option disables location services for the EVA Pedio app. Location information will be collected from the app during your trip and linked to your account, even if you have disabled location services for your app.

You can always manage your location settings in your device's location preferences.

Sharing with Cities and Governments

In some instances, we're required to share information about the trips taken on our service with cities, governments and local transportation authorities.

To meet these requirements, we collect geolocation and timestamp data from the devices, bikes and scooters on our platform.

This data provides cities with information on where each trip starts, stops and the route taken on the trip. None of the trip data we provide to cities is collected from your personal mobile device or directly identifies you.

We treat your location information in accordance with our Privacy Notice.